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Incredible Work by Oshodi-Isolo LG Chairman, Oloyede Almaroof

Incredible Work by Oshodi-Isolo LG Chairman, Oloyede Almaroof

17 December, 2023

Contrary to circulating rumors about Chairman Otunba Oloyede Almaroof's alleged wasteful trip to Europe, it has been revealed that the diligent and hardworking leader is actually on annual leave.

Sources have confirmed that Chairman Otunba Kendoo, as he is affectionately known, has been tirelessly working to ensure that the people of Oshodi and its surrounding areas continue to benefit from the fruits of democracy. He leaves no stone unturned, even during his leave, as he monitors and supervises ongoing projects to ensure that contractors adhere to their assigned timelines.

One insider from the local government disclosed, "Chairman is a workaholic. Despite being on annual leave, he keeps a close eye on all work being done and ensures that contractors show up promptly. He constantly pushes them to deliver results. If you visit Araromi Street and other areas, you'll witness firsthand that work is in progress."

Since assuming office, Kendoo has effectively applied his business acumen to governance and leadership, leaving a remarkable impact on the Oshodi/Isolo local government area. From rehabilitating roads, drains, and markets to improving schools and supporting the less privileged, he has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to progress and development. This has earned him widespread praise from constituents of all ages and genders, who speak glowingly of his energy and dedication to community growth.

True to his promises, his administration has embarked on 35 road projects, successfully completing 32 of them. Notable achievements include the construction and rehabilitation of Akinniku Street, Ariyibi-oke Street, Adeoye Street, Suwebatu Street, Orona Link, Macarthy Street, Dosunmu Street, Everett Street, Trombi Street, Adewunmi Ogefon Street, Emmanuel Street, Alh. Rufai Street, Iretioluwa Street, Adelaja Street, Ogunlaja Street, Baderin Street, Odalume Street, Onikewunla Street, Opo-Osun Street, Liverpool Road, Araromi Street, Mukadasi Street, Bankojo Street, Oredeyin Street, Alade Street, Banjoko-Oredeyin link, and many more.

Furthermore, in an effort to address the water scarcity issue, Chairman Kendoo's administration has dug 25 boreholes across various parts of the local government. Additionally, he has extended a helping hand to business owners and the less privileged, providing scholarships, educational materials, and other forms of support.

Chairman Otunba Oloyede Almaroof's commitment to transforming Oshodi/Isolo LG has consistently produced remarkable results, garnering praise and admiration from the community. With his tireless efforts, the chairman continues to uplift the lives of the people and drive the development of the local government area.