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Amstel Malta's commitment to African creativity shines at the AMVCA9 Opening Night

Amstel Malta's commitment to African creativity shines at the AMVCA9 Opening Night

19 May, 2023

The three-day line-up of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) formally flagged off on Thursday with a memorable opening gala and cultural night. Premium malt drink and proud headline sponsor of this year’s awards, Amstel Malta, definitely took things up a notch, spotlighting the best of Africa’s cultural heritage and ingenuity at the event, which held at the Balmoral Convention Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Guests were treated to a spellbinding fusion of music, dance, delectable cuisine, and uproarious comedy, creating an immersive celebration of entertainment and culture that enthralled everyone in attendance. 


The standout attraction of the night was the mesmerizing raffia-branded Amstel Malta Tunnel and Amstel Nest, where guests not only savoured the refreshing taste of Amstel Malta and cultural cuisines but were also treated to a captivating cultural sensory journey. The brand's commitment to creating unforgettable memories shone through, ensuring that the event was an authentic celebration of the very best in the industry. 


"The African creative industry has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade. However, the industry’s intense saturation has made it difficult for creatives who haven’t found their way to the spotlight to have their art appreciated. Therefore, at this year’s Awards, Amstel Malta (and, by extension, Nigerian Breweries) — is saying, 'It is time for the spotlight',” Francis Obiajulu, Senior Brand Manager, Amstel Malta, Nigerian Breweries, at the event. 


“As we have done over the past nine years, we are exceedingly proud to partner with the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards to shine the spotlight on the wonderful masterpieces created by established and upcoming creatives,” he added.  


The event was hosted by the dynamic duo of Daniel Etim-Effiong and Nancy Isime, who took centre stage, effortlessly captivating the audience with their charm and wit.  


As the festivities continue, anticipate the upcoming Fashion Runway, where avant-garde designs will grace the catwalk, the Digital Content Creators segment, which highlights the innovative work of content creators; the Nominee Gala, where all the nominees will be recognized and, of course, the Main Awards, where the most exceptional talents step into the spotlight.  


For more highlights on the 9th AMVCA edition, follow Amstel Malta on social media (@amstelmalta) and follow conversations using the hashtag #AmstelMaltaAMVCA9.